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Prayer, Interrelatedness, and God’s Passibility

If you prefer to read a PDF of this blog, then you can read it here: http://conspiringprayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Prayer-Interrelatedness-and-God’s-Passibility.pdf Prayer, Interrelatedness, and God’s Passibility I define the traditional understanding of the typical petitionary prayer as talking to God and asking God to love in a specific manner in which God was not doing so beforehand. As you

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Daniel 10: Spiritual Warfare?

The book of Daniel is apocalyptic literature laced with prophecy, numerology, dreams, visions, definitive portrayals of good and evil, and detailed eschatology. Noncanonical apocalyptic literature, which was common at the time of Daniel’s writing, had similar elements. Apocalyptic literature employs exaggerative, metaphorical, and metaphysical language. It uses creative narrative events to veil contemporary flesh-and-blood historical

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Trust in God

Everyone has heard the phrase “Trust in God!” It is a powerful phrase that is often times used in a way that supposes God is in control of all things. In some circles, it encourages the listener to surrender to the all-powerful God who implicitly can snap His fingers and instantly give us the desires

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How Long, O Lord

Lately, I have seen many pray on Facebook for God to rid the church of homophobia and other “isms” that are destructive to ourselves and those we love. Reading some people’s posts portray God as somehow stalling or that God is not moving the timeline of equality and liberation fast enough. There are also those

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Why It Is Hard For Me to Believe In Demons

The famous Catholic scholar, Hans Kung suggests that belief in Satan and demons are a piece of “outdated medieval thought” and when believed by Christians it “throws away all credibility for theology and the church” (On Being Christian, 369). Is he right? Is the influential German scholar, Rudolf Bultmann right when he says, “It is

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Facebook Prayers

I really don’t understand why people ask for prayer about their car that broke down; about their children who are sick; about interviews they have coming up, and other life events? Okay, I understand. It is just after a lot of reflection, it seems like there is a more honest way to share ones needs

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JAMES 5:14–18: Did God Really Stop the Rain?

In James 5:14–18, James encourages the elders of the church to lay hands on and pray for the sick, the sinful, and those in need of healing prayer. He writes “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” The context is not intercessory prayer on behalf of others from a distance but prayer that

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Centering Prayer

Centering prayer can be one of the most difficult prayers to engage in because it requires stillness and silence, which are completely countercultural and counter-ego. Stillness and silence are countercultural to our drive-through, drive-by, and driven society that fosters a jittery nervous system and type A(DHD) personalities. Many people, therefore, think of stillness, silence, and

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Cooking, Bathing, and Soaking, Oh My!

J. P. Moreland is a poster child for intellectually savvy and deeply conservative evangelicalism. He is brilliant–stunningly so. I have learned a lot from him over the years. I was listening to his talk on YouTube, entitled “On the Promises and Problems of Petitionary Prayer” (2013). He said things that perfectly align with my vision for

Cooking, Bathing, and Soaking, Oh My! 2018-04-06T01:53:16+00:00


“People who intentionally set aside time to prayerfully listen and conspire with God, humbly opening themselves up to receive God’s wavelengths of love, and creatively and subversively reverberate them out to the world around them.”